Brian Abel Ragen has written a number of familiar essays, though few have yet been published in any form.

One, however, attracted a good deal of attention. “
The Baby Jesus and the Angel of Light,” which appeared in The Christian Century in 1995, attracted many readers and was made use of by many Christmas Eve preachers.

Other Familiar Essays:

“One Each”

“A Solider’s Kidneys”

“Enron, The Classroom, and the Twilight Zone”

“William Faulkner is Asked a Question”

“Arms and the Prof”

“Gypsies, Saints, and Squirrels: Remembering Jane Zatta”

Opinion Pieces:

Ragen has also written a number of opinion and op-ed pieces over the years. Some deal with controversies that have now faded from public view. Others are on live issues and thus may annoy some readers.

“Marriage and Equal Protection” (2011)

“You Can’t Win a Snipe Hunt” (2oo7)

“How Did Leviticus Get to Be So Popular?” (2004)

“Strike the Black Flag” (2004)

“A Lesson of Biden’s Plagiarism” (New York Times, 1988)