Ragen’s Tom Wolfe: A Critical Companion is one of the few book-lengths studies of a writer who has played a large part in reshaping American fiction and journalism since 1960.

Ragen’s study begins with an account of Wolfe’s life and career and then goes on to offer readings from various perspectives. Some of those perspectives may seem surprising, since they view Wolfe’s work through unfamiliar lenses. “Radical Chic” for example, is viewed through the lens of feminist criticism.

Other Essays on Wolfe:

Ragen has continued his engagement with Wolfe’s work in several other pieces, including the following:

“Tom Wolfe’s Changing Vision of the Self”

This essay was written before the publication of I Am Charlotte Simmons, which—from its title to its closing sentence—continues Wolfe’s exploration of what the self is.

“Tom Wolfe’s Religious Vision”

Review of
Back to Blood (America, February 25, 2013)

The Jesuit editors, as part of their continued practice of imposing penances on at least one author, misspelled “Ragen.”