Below are links to some, but by no means all, of the pieces Ragen has written about various writers.

Willa Cather and Gerturde Stein:

“Two Tailors Make a Man: Cather and Stein on Immigrant and Sexual Identities”

Mary Gordon:

“‘Sounding Brass’: Artists, Writers, and Mothers in Mary Gordon’s Men and Angels”

A.E. Housman, Dorothy Parker, and Wendy Cope:

“A.E. Housman's Daughters: Dorothy Parker and Wendy Cope”

James Hynes:

“A Ph.D. Is Just an Expensive Ticket to Perdition: The Academic Horror Fiction of James Hynes”

Rudyard Kipling:

“‘The Hun is at the Gate’: Rudyard Kipling’s Poetry of the First World War”

Rudyard Kipling, Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassooon:

“Christ in the Trenches: War and Sacrifice in Kipling, Owen, and Sassoon”

C.S. Lewis:

“Lipstick, Sex, and C.S. Lewis”

Vikram Seth:

“An Introduction to Vikram Seth”

[This article appeared in the Dictionary of Literary Biography in 1990 with changes the writer had not approved. This version of the article, while dated, more accurately represents Ragen’s views of Seth’s earlier works.]

Robert Penn Warren:

“‘We Have Always Gone West”: Automobiles, Innocence, and All the King’s Men”

Richard Wilbur:

“‘As Wulfstan Said on Another Occasion’: The Political Poems of Richard Wilbur”